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About us

After years practicing our hobby and passion in 2015 we decide to start our company LvL Horsecare.
Marcel van Leeuwen is graduated ORUN horse-riding teacher. With a lot of passion he teaches his students. He gets satisfaction from the progress of his students.
Himself he trained with Jo Willems, Rick Klaassen and several years with Bert Rutten. He has gained a lot of experience training with these different top trainers!
Marcel has a lot of experience with educating and competing of dressage horses, on both levels national and on subtop level.

Next to competing Marcel has a lot of experience with breaking horses. With peace and regularity the horses will be broken. We find it important that the horse will be prepared right so that he can start his career with a good base.

Danielle Linders has graduate from the school NHB Deurne. Also she has trained several years with Bert Rutten. Here she learned a good and strong base to educate young horses. She does competition with the young ones and achieves good results! Our goal is to educate the young horses properly so they have a good base to start with in their dressage career. Also we find it important that all the horses are educated in a way that everybody can ride and work with them nicely.
Danielle is also working at Stable Hendrix in Kessel. Here she is responsible for the stud. She is working here since 2006 and gained a lot of experience working with horses and knowing the right care for them. Also she learned a lot about breeding, pregnancy of the mare, birth and the grow up of the foal.

In the breeding season you can contact us for insemination of your mare(s). Danielle has a lot of experience and here diploma to do this.
Do you  want to use a stallion from Hendrix Stable in the breeding season? Don’t hesitate to contact Danielle! She is working daily with the top stallions and she can give you a good advice. Also you can order other sperm from SWS stallions located in the Netherlands.

Next to the insemination and breeding advice we also have the service to do the full birth guidance. Your mare will be stabled at our stable, she will be inseminated with a stallion at your choice, she will be checked by the vet, the actual birth will happen at our guidance and the start of your foal’s grow up.
Because of our experience with foal birth we can guide the whole process and make sure that your mare can give birth in optimal circumstances.

Also we offer stables for young horses to grow up. Mares ore stallions from 0 until 3 years old. So there is the possibility after your foal is born to let him stay at our stable until 3 year.

Not only for education, training, birth guidance and rearing horses you can contact us. Also if you want to buy a horse ore sell one. Maybe we have your dream horse in our stable, if not we look for you. We will give you honest advise and listen to your budget and wishes.

For more questions ore information you can always contact us.
Have fun on our website!

Marcel en Danielle.



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