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Training / Education

For training and education of your dressage horse you are at the right address at our place. We can help your horse to train him to a higher level in the sport ore do training with the goal of selling. Also we can compete your horse on competition so he gets his classification. Marcel has the possibility to compete any horse until the level ZZL without classification off the horse. Because of this its possible that you horse gets his classification quicker. This can be good for selling your horse ore if you like to have the sportpredicate for your mare.

If you decide to stable your horse at our place for training then your horse gets feed 3 times a day, the stables will be mucked every day and the will get fresh straw. If you wish that your horse will be on wood shavings, that’s also possible.
Our accommodation has a walker, indoor, a paddock and a meadow. Your horse is assured off enough movement and relaxation.

Marcel has a few places free for teaching on our location. Do you want to get teaching from Marcel but don’t have the possibility to transport your horse then we can consider that he will go to your place. Ask for the possibility’s if you like…


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