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Breaking young horses

Do you have a horse and is it the time that it needs to be ridden? We can do that for you! We have a lot of experience with breaking horses at LvL Horsecare.
The horses will be educated on a horse friendly and correct way. The final goal is to get a horse that has pleasure and trust in the work, so it has a good base and experience.
When the horse come to our stable we will first teach them how to train with a lunge, after that they will get a lunging girth. If this is getting normal and easy then we will introduce the saddle. Meanwhile the horses will be getting used to the washing place and water. Also they will go in the walker. Because they  will get to know all this they become easy and nice to handle.
If we think the horse is ready for the owner then we will make an appointment with the owner. Its time for the owner to try the horse before he is going home. If you think that the horse needs more education for you before you feel safe on him there is a possibility that we train the horse more time. Its important that you and the horse have a good feeling before going home.

If you have any questions ore need more information please contact us! We will gladly answer your questions.




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